AAAS IF/THEN Ambassadors Program

Required Materials

Applications for AAAS IF/THEN Ambassadors will only be accepted through the online application portal. Candidates will be required to provide:

  • Name, position, organization, professional address, email, and phone number
  • Primary disciplinary affiliation
  • Industry / type of organization
  • Social media handles (LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) and personal website (if applicable)
  • Statement (750 words or less) providing their personal IF/THEN statement (e.g., If we support a woman in STEM, then she can change the world) and describing how they use STEM in their career to make an impact, their interest and experience in STEM communication and public engagement, their commitment to inspiring middle school girls, and what they hope to gain by serving as a AAAS IF/THEN Ambassador.
  • A link to a video of the candidate discussing STEM-related topics for students or public audiences, preferably of 5 minutes or less. The video may be existing footage (e.g., an interview for television, a web-based video series) or may be created for the application.
  • At least two (up to four) additional representative samples or other documentation which illustrate or describe the candidate’s media, classroom, and public engagement activities. Samples should further contribute to the narrative of the application, showing the diversity and breadth of their STEM communication and public engagement. Candidates may also provide other documentation that supports their application, such as letters of support from colleagues or participants in programming, media reports, etc. These materials may be provided as links to online content, as Word documents, or as PDFs.
  • Curriculum vitae (5 pages or less) with a sections highlighting professional preparation; contributions to STEM; and media, classroom, and/or public engagement.
  • Conduct disclosure: Candidates for the AAAS IF/THEN Ambassador program must not only be good role models based on their professional accomplishments, but also for their professional standing and character, and must be willing to undergo background checks as may be required to take part in specific classroom or engagement activities.  As a candidate for the AAAS IF/THEN Ambassador program, you must complete the following disclosure.
    • Have you been the subject of a filed allegation, complaint, investigation, sanction or other legal, civil or institutional proceeding where there was a finding of misconduct or guilt? No / Yes (If yes, you will be contacted for a confidential discussion of the details of the complaint)
    • Are you currently under investigation in which your conduct is at issue?   No / Yes (If yes, you will be contacted for a confidential discussion of the details of the complaint)

Multi-lingual candidates are encouraged to apply. Primary application materials must be in English. Examples of media, classroom, and public engagement activities conducted in a language other than English should be accompanied by a transcript or summary in English.