AAAS IF/THEN Ambassadors Program

Eligibility & Selection


Candidates must be women in STEM-related careers and may be based in any organization type or sector of employment. Candidates at a variety of career stages, ranging from students and early career researchers to experienced, are encouraged to apply.

Candidates must have training in a science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM) discipline. An advanced degree is not required.

Candidates must demonstrate excellence in their contributions to STEM commensurate with their career stage.

Candidates must have a demonstrated interest and experience in media, STEM education, or public engagement activities.

Candidates must demonstrate a commitment to supporting women and girls in STEM, particularly middle school girls.

Candidates must be based in the United States.


To ensure that the selected candidates represent excellence and diversity in STEM careers, the program uses a two-phase application review process. In the first round, applicants are evaluated by AAAS staff, STEM professionals, public engagement and STEM education practitioners, and media experts. Candidates are evaluated for overall excellence with a focus on:

  • Contributions to their STEM-related field, commensurate with their career stage
  • Demonstrated experience and abilities in STEM communication and public engagement via media, classroom, and public programs
  • Commitment to inspiring middle school girls to be the next generation of STEM pioneers

In the second round, highly-ranked candidates are reviewed by the AAAS IF/THEN Ambassador Program Leadership Team, which will select diverse cohorts of STEM women leaders representing an array of career fields, career stages, and pathways in STEM. During this round, the Program Leadership Team may also consider input from additional sources, such as feedback on candidates’ videos provided by elementary, middle, or high school girls.